Australian Government, A Plan to Simplify Superannuation

First Home Saver Accounts - Public Submissions

The Government sought submissions on First Home Saver Accounts - Outline of proposed arrangements as a part of the consultation process. The following is a list of submissions that are being made public.

There are a number of submissions and comments which have been considered as a part of the consultation process but were not made public. Some authors requested that the details in their submission remain confidential and others did not specify whether the content could be made public.

Note: The opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Government or the Treasury.

Title PDF
Abacus Australian Mutuals 48KB
Absolum, David 12KB
Akimov, Dr Alexandr 4KB
Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) 143KB
Australian Bankers' Association (ABA) 65KB
Brotherhood of St Laurence 98KB
Caruana, Hollie 13KB
Choice 81KB
CitiStreet Australia Pty Ltd 52KB
Collins, Jarrad 37KB
Commonwealth Bank 56KB
Consumer Action Law Centre 87KB
Corporate Super Association 28KB
CPA Australia Ltd 32KB
Dixon Advisory 231KB
Durrand, Steven 4KB
Fawcett, Leah 10KB
Financial Planning Association of Australia Ltd (FPA) 70KB
Friendly Societies of Australia 89KB
Hafekost, Ian 8KB
Housing Industry Association 61KB
Indigenous Business Australia 20KB
Industry Super Network, Industry Funds Forum Inc., Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees 276KB
Institute of Actuaries of Australia 71KB
Investment and Financial Services Association (IFSA) 110KB
Law Council of Australia 56KB
LGsuper 147KB
Low, Fiona 5KB
Master Builders Australia 79KB
McGregor, Brett 5KB
McMillan, Shakespeare 67KB
Mercer 79KB
Muizer, Marjon 26KB
nabCapital 154KB
National Institute of Accountants 84KB
Newman, Michelle 13KB
Ng, David 10KB
Nicholson, Rachel 50KB
Property Council of Australia 106KB
Saylor, Murray 11KB
Sciascia, Rachel 6KB
Self-Managed Super Fund Professionals' Association of Australia Limited (SPAA) 54KB
Serry, Mark 13KB
Stebbing, Adam and Spies-Butcher, Dr Ben 220KB
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal 28KB
SuperChoiceNow 515KB
Suzie 4KB
Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees 101KB
Taylor, Richard 15KB
Teede, Paul 7KB
Towers Perrin 55KB
Trowbridge Deloitte 202KB
Turne, Robert 38KB
Westpac 24KB
Wilson, William 39KB
Wright, Scott 7KB